Gyandeep Coaching/Institute Management Login & LC Registration  


Product Name: ‐ Gyandeep Coaching/Institute Management Login & LC Registration.

Product Code: ‐ Software CHNG/GDJKSS


Brief Introduction 

Coaching/Institute Management software/Login helps you to manage students, teachers, courses, batches, fees, Ledger, Notice, Dispatch   attendance, examination, Marks and easy reports like Outstanding Fees, Marks, and Attendance etc. In short this software is for all Caching/Institutes. Or in other word every coaching must have this software for accomplishing all its activity smoothly and accordingly.

Features of Coaching/Institute Management Software/Login: ‐

·         Master Entry

With Master Enter entry feature you can configure Institute, Department, Designation, Add Course, Add Subject under Courses, Add Fee Types, Configure Courses Fee, Documents Entry, Session Entry, Create Batch, Create Test Type, Test Name Entry, Add Employee Details, Add Trainer Details.

·         User Registration

With User Registration feature you can manage different user in software to handle it easy.

·         Issue Items to Students

This feature allows you to manage items that you’re Coaching/Institute issue to students.

·         Test

The test feature is one of the striking features of this software where you can schedule the test and can manage their marks.  

·         Payroll Management

Payroll Management feature gives ease to manage Employee Attendance, Employee Advance Payment and Employee Salary Payment.

·         Inventory

Inventory feature can be used to manage for purchase and Other Expenditure in Coaching/Institute.

·         Student Registration

Student Registration feature can be used by novice one for the registration of student.

·         Student Fee Payment

Student Fee Payment feature let you free from student daily/monthly payment in absence of you. Software automatically send message to parents registered number after payment.

·         Follow‐Up

Follow‐Up feature can be used after student enquiry to maximize benefit.

·         Set Reminder Message

Set Reminder Message feature allow you to set multiple message for specified date and time.

·         Student Enquiry

From Student Enquiry you can manage the Student Enquiry Details. You can also convert this student into Admission process using Enquiry ID.

·         Show Fee Structure for Each Courses

You can check the Fee Structure for each course.

·         Student Attendance Entry: ‐ After making attendance of absent student’s message has been sent to his registered parent’s number.

Records: ‐

The very important and regularly used feature “Records” gives you complete detail of Software with Export to Excel facilities.

·         List of Subjects under courses

·         List of Fee Structure

·         List of Employee

·         List of Trainer Details

·         List of Enquiry Details

·         List of Follow Up Details

·         List of Registered Student Details

·         Fee Payment List

·         Fee Transaction List

·         Student Attendance List

·         List of Issues Item(s) to student

·         List of Purchases

·         List of Expenses

·         List of Employee Attendance

·         List of Employee Advance Payment

·         List of Employee Payment

·         Test Schedule List

·         List of Student Marks Entry

Reports: ‐

·         Employee Report

·         Trainer Report

·         Generate Employee Identity Card

·         Generate Student Identity Card

·         Generate Student Identity Card [Batch Wise]

·         Purchase Report

·         Enquiry Report:‐ Course Wise, Batch Wise, Date Wise

·         Follow‐Up Report

·         Student Registration Report:‐ Course Wise, Batch Wise, Date Wise

·         Attendance Report

·         Test Result Report:‐ Course Wise, Batch Wise, Date Wise

·         Issue Item(s) Report

·         Outstanding Payment Report:‐ Course Wise, Batch Wise, Date Wise

Other Features: ‐

1.)    Full messaging facilities (Group by or send on multiple numbers, Batch wise, Course wise, Enquiry message)

2.)    Logs transaction

3.)    Database Backup option

4.)    Database Recovery option

5.)    Change Password


Literacy Point Affiliation (Coaching Centre Reg.)
Rs 2500/-

Universal Category Affiliation(Coaching Centre Reg.+ Coaching Management System Login ) 
Rs 3500/-

Apex Category Affiliation (CCR+ CMSL+ STMSL  ) 
Rs 4500/-


Letter& Certificate




Sample Mark sheet & Certificate




Online Accounts Portal




Online Exam Portal




Eligible for All GDJKSS Courses








1Students Reg/Year


(Reg + Id-Card + Notification SMS)


(Reg  + Id-Card + Notification SMS + Bulk SMS Service)


(Reg + Id-Card + Notification SMS + Bulk SMS Service +  Login)

Affiliation period

1 Year


1 Year


1 Year


Server Renewable

20% of the Affiliation Cost Rs.210/- Only

20% of the Affiliation Cost Rs.310/-Only

20% of the Affiliation Cost Rs.430/-Only



























Registration Process

To get registered, Coaching Centre has to fill the application form provided on our website along with Information Brochure..

Enclosures with the application form.

v       2 recent photograph on passport size.

v   Registration Fees: Min- 1050/-

v        Personal Identification proof (UID) and Mobile Number

v       Coaching/Institute Name & Address



Account holder Name : Gyandeep Jankalyan Shikshan Sanstha

Bank – Union Bank of India

Branch – Kanuan

Branch Code – 4596

A/c No. - 459601010070055    

IFSC Code: UBIN0545961    


PhonePe/BHIM Mobile No: 8052444224, UPI - gyandeepjkss@uboi