Employee registration procedure
  1.  For new registrations, go to our website www.gyandeepjkss.org and click on Employees menu-Apply Online to register all mandatory details. or Please Visite link : gyandeepjkss.org/job_application.php

  2.   After filling all the mandatory details, you will get a ticket number, with whom you can track your registration status.
  3.  When all the documents are examined, you will be called on behalf of the institution and will be called for interview.

  4. After completion of all the above procedures, you will be given your joining letter and ID-Card

  5.  This can be checked at the website: www.gyandeepjkss.org of our office with the help of Employee ID Number present.

      Employee Related information Please Download -BM/AM Work and Salary Concept - userfiles/file/Benefits%20of%20Affiliation%20for%20%20BM-AM%20G.pdf