Welcome to the family of Gyandeep Jankalyan Shikshan Sanstha!

Welcome to Gyandeep Jankalyan Shikshan Sanstha, with us you will discover new experiences of dynamics and supportive environment. Your horizons will be broadened and you would feel the liberating powers of new ideas and insights. You will be involved in our core fabric of flexibility, creativity and innovation, leading you to the enjoyment of education and to realize your dreams and potential.

It is our firm belief that value based learning has far greater relevance in a dynamic and ever changing work environment.  Gyandeep Jankalyan Shikshan Sansthais a team of professionals to support and care the associates all around.  This ensures that every student of Gyandeep Jankalyan Shikshan Sansthashares a very special relationship with the organization, which leads to effective realization of our objectives and students goals.

The culture of Gyandeep Jankalyan Shikshan Sansthais value based of mutual trust, faith, charity, social development and progress of nation where the mission is to demonstrate an unconditional commitment to learning. Thanks ! 

Be a proud beneficiary of GDJKSS!

Looking forward to an invincible Organization!

I am sure our students can meet any demand & challenges that the employer may have on them. I wish them great success in all their Endeavour's and quest for a better tomorrow.


With best wishes,

(Mr. Amit Kumar Thakur)


Gyandeep Jankalyan Shikshan Sanstha Family