Benefits of Affiliation: - For Master Franchis



Guidelines For Authorized Learning Center/Master Franchise *

 In present time, some big Institution run their certificate/ diploma programme in higher charges, due to which the lower and middle class families of our society cannot afford the load of their charges. Our mission studied their theme properly and decided to provide better higher technical education in Computer, beauty parlor, sewing training and mobile repairing for every sector of society in affordable charges all over India

For which Gyanadeep National Excellence Awards are organized twice a year in which all the students are given a special type of discounts and honors in computer courses, beauty parlor, sewing etc. for the part of which to visit this website for more information -


GDJKSS (Gyandeep Jankalyan Shikshan Sanstha) is a Mission to literate the masses in computer/Beauty parlour/Cutting and Tailoring/Mobile Repairing education. For this great mission Gyandeep Jankalyan Shikshan Sanstha requires Larges of people. No great mission can be fulfilled without the participation of the maximum number of the peoples and organization.


First of all on Gyandeep Jankalyan Shikshan Sansthawe must thank you and appreciate you for your kind interest in Authorized Learning Center (ALC) enquiry.

To inquire more about computer center affiliation or institute affiliation, call us on the given numbers: 8052444224, 9044767024, 80523039360723-3036303 


 Step 1 

Any Person/Institute/Society/Trust/Organization can open Study Center .Fill the basic online Application Form or Email your BIO-DATA and Infrastructure of the proposed study center to 

or Please apply Online

Step 2   MF Regisration Fees: 3500/- Reg Time + 3000/- Fees Paid after Under 15 Days = 6500/- Only

After receiving the from GDJKSS H.O. send confirmation form along with all required documents filled. Fill the confirmation form along with  Study Centre Fees Payment should be done in favor of "Gyandeep Jankalyan Shikshan Sanstha " and should be sent directly to Secretariat,Mason,Ghazipur(UP)-233231

Step 3

After receiving the following document:

Photo copy of Institute name registration ( if any).

Rent agreement (If Place is on rent)

Personal Identification proof

Passport size photographs

Residential Proof

Qualification Certificate Photocopy

Partnership deep photocopy (if any)

Rs. 100 Stamp Paper 2 copies for agreement

Authorization will be given after receiving the complete documents.

 Office Room (120Sqr Fits)

Step 4 

After signing the agreement and completion of documentation process. The entire Technical and Marketing support required for establishing the study centre will be provided by GDJKSS .

Step 5

For the development and advertisement of your centre, GDJKSS Head Office will provide you guidance. For the initial advertisement of your center big main flex, pamphlets will be provided FREE of cost to study center. GDJKSS  do not force you for centralized expensive add, instead GDJKSS ask you to focus more on local newspaper advertisement as students from local 10-15 km area will join your centre.

GDJKSS would like to open Study Center all over India at Village,Town,Block,District Level.


v      Right to use the GDJKSS brand

v      Technical expertise on starting a center with zero gestation period and early revenue streams

v      Revenue-sharing formula and a sustainable revenue model

v      Latest industry-ready and in-demand course content

v      Comprehensive student courses and global certifications

v      Examination and certification systems

v      Assistance in training and certification of trainers

v      Help in marketing strategies

v      Internet-based center automation software, procedure manuals, etc.

v      Periodic content upgrade

v      Continuous technical and marketing support


1.          CA% Commission/1 Franchaise.          2. BA%  Commission/Stu. Certification and all Branch Trasections Under Run Your MF-ID.

1.    An ISO Certified Orgnisation.

2.    Online Fast Service & Home Service.

3.    User ID/Passward Login Panel(Students/Branch Managment/Exams/Ladger e-Billing)

4.    Small Reg. Fees: 3000-5000/- Only.

5.    Online Complane Box . and 24*7 Helpline Service.

6.     Extra Bonus Master Franchise Works/Rating –

For Master Franchaise : (in 1 Year)


1st Rank- 250-300 Franchaise Registration/Certification.

(1 Nos Supar Splendar Bike/Awards Certificate/Madel)


2nd Rank-200-249 Franchise Registration/Certification.

(1 Nos Scooty/Awards Certificate/Medal)


3rd Rank-150-199 Franchise Registration/Certification.

(1 Nos Laptop/Printer/Awards Certificate/Medal)